Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Pictures of the rain in our rain barrels from the last storm

I shot a video of the small storm that hit us a while back, however, it was a little dark and hard to see all the rain in the rain barrel. Here a a few photos of the rain we were able to capture:

 This image shows the brown flex tube, (that is connected to the gutter downspout), connected and clamped to our green 4" atrium gate, which fits in the 4" opening on the top of our rain barrel lid. Since this picture was taken I have added pantyhose to cover the atrium gate so mosquitoes cannnot get inside to the water. More panty hose will cover the over flow holes as  well.

 Look at all that water in the rain barrel!!! I was able to get these pictures while there was a break in the storm. Later in the day it started to rain again, which added even more water into our newly made rain barrel. Currently it's just over half full of rain water! I can't wait to build the other rain barrels for more winter storms here in Arizona.

If you have any questions about rain barrels please ask and I'll do my best to help you out :)

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