Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Frost cloth frame idea #1

This was my first idea for a frost cloth frame for our smaller raised garden bed.

I bought 10' sections of 1/2" pvc pipe for under $2. I cut 4' pieces for the corners and then connected the entire 10' section of 1/2" pvc pipe along the length side of the raised garden.

Although the bright white color of the pvc pipe is unsightly, it seemed like it would work great. There is some slight sag in the middle of the 10' sections, but nothing to worry about. I did not use any glue when constructing this frame.

This is how I attached the 1/2" pvc pipe to the wood raised garden bed. I only used one for each pvc post, but am going to be adding one more at the bottom for each pvc post.

After finishing this frost frame project, I had some things I wanted to change. First, I am going to shorten the pvc posts since I will not let any plants reach that height anyway. Second, I will remove the 10' sections of pvc pipe running lengthwise and replace it with wire for a better look. I could have painted the pvc, but with out extreme summers the paint would more than likely flake off really fast.

I will post more updates on how the frost frame is coming along. Just a quick side note: This frost frame worked like a champ and may be great for your garden, however my circumstance within an HOA community makes me think that I need something a  little more incognito :)

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