Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Two new friends found today

Found these guys today...glad they didn't find me!

This is one of the larger scorpions I've seen around here. I think this BIG, (about 8" with the tale extended!), scorpion is a bark scorpion and not something we want in the garden. Although a scorpion can be a great help in the yard / garden by eating the over abundant supply of crickets we have, this one is poisonous and will be released in the desert. If it's not a bark scorpion please let me know.

Here it is crawling on the block wall. I have read that the bark scorpion is the only scorpion that can crawl up walls etc., however this wall is very coarse so I'm not sure if it's a bark scorpion or not?
This little guy wasn't so little either! I'd guess about 1"1/4 or so which is big to me for a spider. I found this guy by the side of a potted plant, probably waiting for those evil crickets, lol. Anyway, if you know what the heck it's called please let me know!

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