Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Our second raised garden

While waiting to complete the new valve installation I decided to build another raised garden bed on the other side of the yard. This garden is half as big as the first one, only 10' x 3', a perfect size for our location.

As with the first garden we built, we wrapped the pine 1" x 6" boards with 6 mil black plastic. This should also help us during the winter to warm our soil just a little.

The plants behind the garden are star jasmine which should do fine even with a little extra water now and then. They smell great and look really nice once established. It is hard to see it in the photo, but we have attached green tree wire to the wall for a home made trellis. It will do double duty when the taller veggies arrive :)

The plan is to use one eight head drip emitter that will feed all the water through a few soaker tubes snaked through the crops. Changes will follow with growth habits...

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