Saturday, November 6, 2010

Found a great place for the rain barrel

I've found a great place in the yard today for our rain barrel. Originally I was going to have only one rain barrel located here, (as in the picture), however I've now changed my mind and will add two rain barrels in this location. I will also add a few cape honey suckle plants to hide the rain barrels. I also have some other idea's on how to help camouflage the rain barrels and keep people from seeing a huge blue barrel in our yard, after all this is a very active HOA over here :)

Here is the before photo of where I want to put the rain barrel(s). The second rain barrel will go towards the left. This is getting to be a larger project than I fist imagined. I was only going to add one rain barrel to our side yard for the my plans are to add a total of six rain barrels around the house! They will be in groups of two in the areas where we get a lot of run off when it rains. The image your looking at below will be where the rain barrels are kept to water our four citrus trees. They require around 20-25 gallons each every 7 days or so during the summer. Two full rain barrels would water these citrus trees beautifully! The other rain barrels will water both our raised gardens and the front yard. It's a dream at this point, but becoming more real every day.

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