Thursday, November 4, 2010

Building rain barrels - Adding the hose spigot / hose bib

Had a few free minutes today so I decided to drill the hole for the hose spigot. I'll get you the exact size of the spigot I used later. Right now all I remember is that I used a 1" hole saw to make my cut out, and used teflon tape around the threads before threading the hose bib all the way into the rain barrel.

Of course when I saw a blue hose spigot you know I had to use those! It really looks good with this style hose bib. I have angled the hose bib slightly on an upward angle. This should allow me to keep the barrel on level ground,(without using any stands), and still connect a piece of hose to this hose bib without leaving that much empty space inside the bottom of my rain barrel. My plan is to not use any type of stand or base under my rain barrel and see if I can still get a hose connected without much headache. The rain barrels on stands or some type of base scare me as far as them falling over for whatever reason. If I angle my water spigot just enough, like in the photo, I think I can have my rain barrel sit on the flat dirt and still not loose much water that would settle below the spigot inside the barrel. This would also help me keep the rain barrel from standing to tall in which it will be more obvious. I'm trying to make my rain barrel very incognito and blend into the landscape :)

I also used a small amount of aquarium silicone around the hose bib in addition to the teflon tape around the threads for a water tight seal.

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