Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Some fun yard and garden art in our Arizona home


Yard art in our yard and garden.

These are a few  things we find fun and exciting to look at in ouor yard and gardens. Remember that when you are out in your yard or garden there should be more then just plant life, you should have things that mke you happy and that are interesting to look at; items that have personal stories behind them are extra cool!

Here you see two shawdow boxes on the wall filled withmisc. items we have found on numerous desert off road and hiking adventures throughout Arizona and Califronia. There are a couple wood barrel bands (straps), a telephone pole that went to an old farm house tha has since been torn down,home made hummingbird feeders made from metal we find, misc. glass and bottles, old school items, a miners head lamp with battery pack, barbed wire, old gas can and alot more...

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  1. Are you doing a garden this year? I also like to find stuff and decorate in my garden :)


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