Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Diatomaceous Earth - Stop using your bug man and no more chemical sprays!

Here is a photo of a geat product called "Diatomaceous Earth". You use this instead of your toxic bug sprays for in and outside of your home. If there is one thing that you could change to help yourself as well as your loved ones live happier and healthier lives, it would be to stop using harmful & toxic chemical products for your home!

It's easy and a lot less expensive then your bug man. How it works is that insects walk across it and/or injest it. DE acts like tiny razor blades so when a bug, say a cricket or scorpion, walks along a pathway coated with DE, the DE will cut the exoskeleton and the insect will  dry out and die. An added benefit to using DE is that unlike your bug man's chemical sprays, insects willnot becomeimmune to DE since it is  a mechanical killer! Safe and effective...you can't beat that!

The way I use it is inside a turkey baster and puff it onto the surface where I want it applied. This method  actually puts a  little too much DE on the ground so I will be changing soon to a  sock filled with DE. The sock filled with DE is a good way to apply DE because you simply smush the sock against a wall or whatever and just enough DE to kill some insects will come out. Remeber however, even though this is a natural product it will still kill beneficial bugs, so use it sparingly.

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