Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What to do with your newly germinated seeds

So now that you have germinated a few seeds with your new favorite seed germination technique, wet towel seed germination, what do you do now?

Well thats easy! You have a couple choices as far as I know. First would be to plant directly into soil and the second would be to transfer into a hydroponic set-up. I can go into the hydroponic method in a future entry as I am still trying it out myself.

So lets say your like us in that you have germinated some seeds and want to plant them into soil. Here's what we did:

Were using organic soil purchased at a local nursery. I added just enough water t the soil to make it a little more "sticky" you could say. A few cups if I had to guess, I'll make sure to measure next time. By the way, this Lipton green tea with citrus bottle makes a great 1 gallon bottle for the garden! Look at that large plastic handle!

Next we stuck our finger into the soil about 1/2" to make the hole and stuck the rooted seedling into the soil. Lightly cover the roots with soil and lightly sprinkle with water or water/seaweed solution when finished.

This is how it looks when your seedlings are planted. This will be placed near a window that gets about 4+ hours of sun right now. Time will tell if this window grow will produce anything worth transplanting into the large raised bed gardens outside, but that is the idea.

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