Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Other irrigation photos

Always use wire nuts that are water proof for your in ground boxes.
This is the existing valve box. I ran new wire here as well as to the new valve box because the crew who installed this box/wire had spliced multiple strands together. This made it very confusing at the timer since the colors never matched correctly at the box / timer.
This is the new valve box I installed. I opened the wire casing and jumped off the white neutral and two others for these valves. I did this because this box is behind the existing box.
Here is my irrigation timer. The white wires are the commons / neutrals from each wire strand, (I have a valve for the front yard that has t's own wire loom). The two red wires are for the front & back yard shrubs, the blue is for our citrus and the green is to our new gardens!!! You can wrap the wires around a phillips screwdriver to make the neat curls you see here.

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