Sunday, July 4, 2010

The new two valve manifold is finished!

Finally we have the new two valve manifold in the ground and completed! All that is left to do is to bury the 100' of direct burial 7 strand wire and turn on the water to the new raised beds!

What was going to be a simple install of two new irrigation valves to our newly built raised gardens turned into a bigger project than what we had expected. Not that any of it was hard, it just took longer than we had thought. I'll explain later on why it took so long; it had nothing to do with the installation of the parts nor the hot, very hot weather, so please don't be discouraged to do this yourself.

Here are a few photos of the installation process of the new two valve manifold with in-line filters and pressure regulators. You need the pressure regulator or else you'll blow the drip heads, (emitters), off your drip line.

2) 1" Rainbird DVF valves
2) Pressure regulators
2) In-line filters
Thread seal tape
Couplings / bushings / pipe
Channel lock pliers
Valves are now and ready to be attached to the pipe.
Everything is now glued to 3/4" pvc pipe and considered a two valve manifold.
This installation took a little longer because I added this valve set up behind the existing box. Still worth every minute to install.
The outside valve has poly tubing pinched with more poly tubing to keep out dirt / bugs. To do this cut a 5" piece of tube, bend it half and cut a slit in the middle. Open this piece of tubing and slide it over the poly tube coming from the valve. This will close off that poly tube. This valve is now for future use.
I'll give a parts break down as soon as I can, after all it's 4th of July!!!
Time to BBQ :)

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