Sunday, June 27, 2010

Shade cloth to the rescue!

Thinking about the increase in heat recently, I think I'll try some shade cloth over a couple peppers.

First pepper to get some shade cloth covering will be our Anaheim pepper. I'm wondering if some shade
will correct the strange upside down growing habit this pepper has grown to like?

Second pepper is our great tasting jalapeno pepper. This girl is growing fantastic! Almost 4' tall! The reason for the shade cloth is that one of the stems is looking a little sun burnt which I think is coming from a reflection of a nearby window? This is why it has a little different looking shade frame. We'll see by first thing tomorrow...

I don't like to use shade cloth unless there is no other choice to save a plant or tree. I think the plants need to adapt to the heat and weather in order to do well here, and if your using shade cloth your babying them to much.

I used some landscaper's tree stake wire, I guess that's what it would be called, lol. It's the green coated wire that you see on tree stakes with the piece of hose over it. It holds really nice and you can hold the cloth on with clothes pins. If you bend the wire so that a piece of it will hit against the wall, it will hold itself up for you.

Here are some pics:

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