Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Compost bag inside home - How to have an attractive place to store items for the compost pile.

For the longest time we have thrown our kitchen scraps into an old grocery plastic bag in the smaller side of the sink. Not only did this not look that great, but it brought with it some bad smells during times when we didn't take it out as fast as we should have. Having this bag of compost material waiting to be taken to the large outdoor compost pile also made a stain around the chrome drain ring which was hard to remove.

Easy fix! Check it was more  simple than I ever thought :)

My old way to save organic waste headed for the compost pile outside.

Now this way is much better!!!
A 5 gallon bucket with a plastic grocery sack inside allows us to throw in any organic type of kitchen scrap that will soon be in the large outdoor compost pile. I try and take out the organic kitchen waste to the compost pile outside at least once a week. I take the entire plastic bag to the compost pile and empty out the organic contents then throw the plastic bag into the recycle trash can.

The 5 gallon compost bucket fits nicely under the sink on one side with just enough room to have a roll of paper towels handy. This indoor compost storage bucket is now out of sight and we have use of both sides of the sink again :)

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