Sunday, December 19, 2010

Pumkins growing from seeds in compost pile

I uncovered the compost pile today by removing a thin layer of newspaper from the top. Just before I was going to turn the pile to get some oxygen into the organic ingredients, I noticed something really cool! It looked as it something had sprouted from within the compost pile. At first glance it  looked like it was a sun flower, however, I now think it is pumpkins we thew in the compost pile after Halloween. The roots were all the way from the bottom of the pile and I kept finding  more and more seeds sprouting as I dug into the compost pile. I thought this was so interesting and cool! These seeds had grown from within our compost pile! Covered by almost 2 feet of organic material, these seeds sprouted and grew through the maze of produce and yard waste and were just about to find away past the top layer of newspaper. I suppose that says something about the quality of good compost :)

Notice the two seeds near the middle left.
Two more seeds that have sprouted.

Just for fun I pulled some out of the compost pile and decided to see if they would grow in a container below the compost pile.

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