Monday, October 11, 2010

Worm composting, vermiculture - Let's build a worm composting bin!

Now that the summer heat is slowly making way for Fall, we're going to build ourselves a worm composting bin for worm tea and worm castings for our garden.

From everything I've read and been told, they seem really easy to build and are very rewarding. I've made  my worm composting bin already and will buy some red wiggler worms later today. I'll post the images in a little while to show you how I designed my worm composting bin to help you when you build your very own.

The basics I've learned so far are as follows:(I will explain this in more detail when I post the images later today.)

- Worms for composting are called RED WIGGLERS. (You don't need to buy a lot of these red wiggler worms because they will reproduce!)
- Add about 2"-3" of shredded newspaper that needs to stay damp at all times to allow the red wiggler worms to breathe and change the shredded newspaper about every two months.
- The red wigglers need a dark container to live in.
- Feed your red wigglers kitchen scraps such as banana peels, lettuce, apple cores, etc. (I've been told not to use yams or sweet potatoes since they give off a gas when decomposing).
That's pretty much all there is to do! I'll be keeping my worm composter inside the house since our Arizona summers are to extreme as well as our winters will have temps that are too cold for the red wiggler worms to survive. The red wiggler worms need a fairly consistent temperature to thrive. I can't wait for some worm casting tea!

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