Sunday, October 17, 2010

We will be starting our raised gardens this coming week!

Many people claim that you should have your raised garden beds going by now, however we waited for our extreme Arizona heat to pass. If you've been keeping track on our Arizona weather you will know that we have been setting new record heat temp.'s for quite some time. If Arizona didn't  break a heat record, we tied it or came within a few degrees! This summer has been a very HOT summer without much relief. With this in mind, we decieded to hold off on planting anything in our raised garden beds until the heat broke; next week should be the time to plant.

Here is what I'm going to do with our raised gardn beds as far as the soil:
(I have two raised garden beds about 10' x 4' x 18")

The bottom of the raised garden bed will be covered in 1"-2" of newspaper.
Next layer will be a few inches of alfalfa hay.
I will be adding about 1' of natural soil on top of this with a bunch of earthworms and kitchen scraps mixed in.
After this I will be adding our entire compost pile that we have been building up for a few months.
To top off our raised garden beds I will be filling the rest of the bed with "garden soil" from a local rock supply yard.
(Depending on what is in the "garden soil" from the rock supply yard,  I may be adding in bone meal and blood meal.)

I believe this combination will provide us with great tasting produce. Please comment if you have any suggestions :)

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