Sunday, October 24, 2010

Soaker hose

We have decieded to install soaker hose in our raised bed garden and see how well it works compared to standard drip line and drip emitters. One thing I did was use about a 8" piece of drip line tube to connect the soaker hose to our eight head emitter. This will allow the water to flow through the standard drip line and into the soak er that is in the soil. If I were to hook up the soaker hose right into the eight head emitter, I would have water leaking from the soaker hose where I don't want or need it. The pictures should explain what I mean better:

Here is the soaker hose and a few bags of metal stakes to hold the soaker hose in the soil. The soaker hose allows water to seep through itself thus slowly watering the plants around it.

Here is my eight head emitter that is attachted to our main water suplly line. I connected roughly an 8" piece of 1/8" drip line tube to the emitter and used  an elbow to attatch the drip line to the soaker hose. This allows me to use  a metal stake to secure the soaker hose at the top of our garden soil and also lets me keep the water off the wall and the top of our raised garden frame. Sure we get rain from time to time so it's not a huge deal if water drips onto the wall or frame of our raised garden, but to me it just looks more clean and I don't want to waste any water by watering a wall :)

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