Saturday, October 23, 2010

Added plants to the water irrigation pipes

Wanted to show you some plants I planted in the water irrigation pipes. These are the water irrigation pipes I added drip line inside a week ago or so. You can see how I installed the drip line in an earlier post in this garden blog.

Anyway, here are the images:

This great looking plant is the "Beaucarnea recurvata", but is also known as a pony tail palm, elephant foot and/or bottle palm. It's pretty tolerant of most conditions and will handle our Arizona extreme heat well I'm told. I did add a small amount of potting soil to the top, but it likes native soil just as well.

For the other water pipe in our yard I went with a great looking flowering plant that will attract hummingbirds. It should fill in quite fast and soften the hard concrete look of the water pipe and the wall. I can't think of the name right now for some reason.

In this decorative pot I planted two small plants called "crown of thorns". They have a great looking smaller white or pink flower. They have a lot of thorns, which is why I planted them in the middle of this mound; inside a pot. I added a few stones called Mexican beach pebble around them for a more unique look.

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