Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Salt burn on myers lemon tree?

It's been about two weeks since I added the steer manure mulch around my citrus trees. All but the myers lemon are doing great. The myers lemon tree had a few leaves that started to curl; then while looking at the leaves I spotted some webbing and thought I'd better hose it down to kill the spider mites. After hitting the citrus tree with a soft spray of water, nearly all of the leaves fellto the ground!

I guess I must have added more steer manure than I needed to this poor lemon tree. I did have another issue with this same lemon tree about six months ago where some of the branches become black and had leaf curl. After removing the branches in question, the lemon tree acted normal.

Only time will tell if this myers lemon tree will come back full strength. I did remove a lot of the steer manure mulch and flooded the tree well to help leach away some of the salts. I was told it may have been to much nitrogen? But I have also hear that steer manure has a lot of salt?

Any idea on what might have caused the leaf curl and drop? I'll post a few photos soon.

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