Friday, September 10, 2010

Planting some more cactus in the morning!

I plan on planting more cactus in the morning along a wall that gets a lot of sun. I plan on planting a few of what I now know are called "pinecone cactus". They are thos gray looking cactus that get a beautiful white flower. I'll post some photos after I get them in the ground to show you, however I did take a picture of one or two mixed in with other cactus cuttings a while back if you wanted to look there.

Also, I will be making a repair to a drip line that I punched a hole through while extending my citrus tree drip lines. I noticed a large river of water had made a groove into the new steer manure mulch I added last weekend, so tomorrow I will have to explore a little and find out where and how I did that. I'm thinking I poked a hole in the smaller drip line while trying to install the drip line stakes I needed to keep the emitters at the right place without ever moving...we'll soon see :)

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