Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pine cone cactus cuttings have been planted

A few images of three pine cone cactus that I planted from recent cuttings. The trick to planting cacti cuttings  is to let them rest in a dark  place like your garage for a couple weeks. This lets the cactus form a callus at the cut site. Then it's as easy as sticking it in the ground and giving it a little water every now and then - native soil works best in my experience.

I planted them almost flat on the ground since this is a West facing wall. They have since straightened themselves out. I can't wait for the awesome white flowers to start blooming. If you don't know what these flowers look like just look back in my blog and you'll find some great photos of pinecone cactus flowers.

I hope to have these white cactus flowers draw in some of our local bats, since I've read that bats in our area are attracted to white flowers and these pinecone cactus flowers open at dusk into the night.

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