Sunday, August 8, 2010

The rain saved our flame grape vine

This here is a grape vine that was on it's last leg due to the heat. This grape is the varity called "Flame" and taste really good picked ight off the vine. This little grape vine though was almost dead not long ago, but as you can see it has grown many new leaves and is now thriving once again.

It was purchased in July at a reptuable nursery and it was in full sun when I bought it. Eventhough it was in full sun where I bought it, it did not like our Western expoursure at all. It only took one really hot day above 115 degrees and this grape vine was fried and dropped all it's leaves. I quickly moved it into afternoon shade on our East side where it started to grow some small and pittiful leaves. I truley thought it was going to die.

The first big storm to hit our area happened while we were out of town not that long ago. We when got back home and looked at the yard and garden to survey the damage, (monsoons can wreck havoc on your yard and gardens here if not protected), we noticed how great this flame grape vine looks.

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