Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fast update before I foliar spray

Waiting fo it to get a little cooler outside befoe using the hose end sprayer to foliar feed the yard. I thought that since I had a few extra minutes I'd share my alfalfa hay tea experience with you...let me tell you that this tea has to be the wost smelling thing I've used since I started going oganic! At first the smell  seems nice, sot of like when your at a petting zoo. Then all of  a sudden you'll get a horrible wiff of something almost's the alfalfa hay fom the alfalfa tea mixture!

Let me also tell you that the receipe calls for stuffing asmuch alfalfa hay into a 5 gallon bucket, filling it with water and waiting fou days until you pour the mixture on your plants, (you can strain the water if you already have mulch around yourplants, or let the hay fall as mulch.). So what went wrong with my batch of alfalfa tea??? It could be that insteadof sitting for four days  in the 110+ heat, our tea sat for almost 9 days. Could that be why the odor is so strong? I have no idea at this point since it'smy first time making the alfalfa tea. I'll try another time and only let it brew for the called for  four days and find out if the same horrible smell occurs.

I suppose if you had grown up on or around a farm the smell would be bearable, and I'm sure I will get used to it like I have with the fish emulsion, but this alfalfa hay tea is really tough to take :)

Working on getting somemore photos up soon! Now it's time to go foliar feed the plants and trees. See ya!

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