Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Compost pile update for first part of August

The compost pile is growing bigger with each passing day. I can't belive how much we were throwing away before building our compost pile!

This picture shows the alfalfa hay we threw on the top. To date we have thrown in everything from newspapers, junk mail (not the shiny paper or envolopes), egg cartons, veggies, egg shells, grass, mesquite name it and I bet I have some of it in my compost pile, lol.

We give the pile a good soak with the hose about 2-3 times a day now that it's been 105+ all the time. I turn the pile about once a week when I remember to, lol! It's so cool to see how everything is turning into a rich soil. The best part is that there is absolutley zero bad smell! This gardening thing is pretty great :)

- A side note on the alfalfa hay and straw; eventhough I had mentioned how horrible the alfalfa tea smell was, I must report the not long after I had poured someon my myers lemon did nearly 10 brand new flowers grew and opend up for the bee's!...coincidence? You deciede :) but I think I'll try it again, maybe lol.

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