Friday, July 2, 2010

Don't forget about the hummingbirds!!!

Can't forget about those beautiful hummingbirds that  need a nice sugary drink right now more than ever.

With the temps hitting 115 and above, it's a nice thing to add a hummingbird feeder to your yard or garden. In our yard we must have about 10 hummingbird feeders. Most of are feeders are feeders we have made ourselves, (and will be for sale sometime in the near future!), that are old bottles we have found in the middle of the Arizona desert in our camping and off road adventures.

These feeders seem to attract so many hummingbirds that you'll always keep them filled as to not dissapoint all the hummingbirds coming to your yard :) Plus they eat some bugs and insects that you don't want in your garden!

By the way, please remember NOT to add any red food coloring to your hummingbird juice! The dye is very harmful to these awesome birds. Trust me, the hummingbirds will find our feeder even if it's not red :)

I like to add a few drops of orange extract for a little flavor kick. It seems to be a hit!

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