Friday, June 25, 2010

The start of the Arizona Sunshine Garden Project

Welcome to the beginning of the Arizona Sunshine Garden Project!

You'll soon be reading and viewing images about our Arizona garden adventure in which we have started from scratch, with very little gardening knowledge at all. A vision of eating our own home grown, chemical free food peeked our interest and we took off running...

Maybe not the most enjoyable time to plan and build a garden, but what else is there to do mid June in Arizona, lol!

I didn't care about a little hard work and sweat, I wanted to start eating fresh, great tasting produce as soon as possible. The few peppers and tomatoes we had always grown tasted so good, but it always seemed that life got in the way and we went back to the fast food preparation of microwaves and drive-thru's so quickly; not this time however!

Follow our journey and please feel free to comment and ask questions as this helps all of us find answers.

Happy Harvest!!!

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