Tuesday, June 29, 2010


What could be better than home-made compost - FOR FREE!

Well, not much else can compare to the benefits of compost. The best part is that anyone can do it with a little effort. I'm going to build a compost bin out of some cage wire, with the four corners supported by 1" pipe I had lying around from an older project.

Follow along or add tips and corrections, as I am learning all this hands on by myself :)

Here is what I started with: 

- Cage wire (Great for air flow)
- Lock cutters (A pair of dikes works best actually)
- Zip ties
- Hammer
- Band aids (optional, lol)

And all your yard cuttings, leaves, grass and kitchen scrapes (all except dairy and meats).

Here it is after wrapping three corners.

Use the zip ties to hold the cage to the poles. I added one at the top, middle and bottom.

All done! So nice and clean, lol not for long I suppose. Soon it will be filled with great looking compost!

If you layer the browns (dried leaves, grass, hay etc.), with your greens (kitchen scraps), you should not have any odors. Your compost will smell like fresh apples when done correctly, or so I've read ;) Notice I have it located next to the trash cans just n case, lol

Here I have added what I could find around the yard. Some citrus leaves, misc. plant cuttings, newspaper/junk mail and random kitchen scraps. I honestly didn't thin I would have enough items to fill our compost bin, but you soon realize how much you've been throwing away! It's really fun for kids too!

This was completed last week. I will add further photos that were taken today approx. 1 week after this was completed.

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